volkswagen golf 2016 performance

What drives a Volkswagen?

Exceptional performance and economy. From the design of the chassis to the timing of a single engine valve, you can be sure that each part of your Volkswagen has been built to deliver impressive efficiency without compromising power and handling.


A state of the art engine that’s lightweight, fuel-injected and uses a turbocharger to deliver maximum torque, with minimum fuel consumption. It’s the small engine that accelerates up hills like a big one.

volkswagen auto performance variable valve timing

Variable Valve Timing

In contrast to static mechanical valves, the TSI’s electronic variable valves read the engine’s RPM and adjust the valve timing accordingly. This optimizes fuel efficiency and power output in every scenario.

Lightweight Design

A smaller engine means less power is lost due to friction. It also makes the vehicle lighter overall, which contributes to faster acceleration and better handling.

1.4L TSI

Our newest engine has 35 more horsepower and 59 more lb-ft of torque than the previous 2.0L engine. In fact, the 1.4 TSI is specially designed to give you the torque at the beginning of the acceleration curve, helping you get up to speed when you need it most.

compact turbocharger volkswagen performance

Compact Turbocharger

Good things do come in small packages. This turbocharger re-uses your engine’s exhaust to force compressed air back into the engine. The result is greater horsepower and greater fuel efficiency.

High pressure direct injection

High pressure direct injection supplies fuel directly into the engine’s cylinders , this system allows for a more complete combustion that produces better fuel efficiency and power.


Like the name suggests we combined our TSI engine with an electric motor to produce maximum power and maximum efficiency . In fact, it generates 184 lb-ft of torque while only using 4.4L/100km* in the city. Talk about the best of both worlds.

regenerative braking volkswagen performance

Electric Motor

At the heart of the TSI Hybrid is an electric motor that can help power the car when needed and in certain situations, can power it independently in pure electric mode.

Regenerative Braking

Possibly the most ingenious thing about the Hybrid is its regenerative braking system. When braking, the motor converts excess kinetic energy into electrical energy, which charges the battery. This makes for a more self-sustaining, fuel-efficient vehicle.

All-Wheel Drive

Performance, reliability and safety in one innovative feature. 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive links with your vehicle’s safety features like ABS and Electronic Stability Control to monitor wheel rotation and distribute power accordingly to help prevent slippage. It’s exactly what you need from an all-wheel drive system – to feel like you don’t need it at all.

volkswagen auto performance haldex clutch sensors

Haldex Clutch

This electronic differential provides maximum control in slippery situations by communicating with sensors at each wheel. It then distributes power to them individually as needed, providing a safer and more responsive ride.


As part of our commitment to shaping the future of mobility, we’re always working to develop and design exciting new electric vehicles and technologies.

volkswagen auto performance electronic fuel-free motor
volkswagen auto performance electric vehicle charging


This electric motor is fuel-free, powerful, and undeniably fun to drive. So whether you’re popping out for some groceries, our heading out for a night on the town, the e-GoIf offers the electrifying performance you’re looking for.


With an adapter that lets you charge at a regular home outlet, and charging stations available across the country, charging your electric vehicle’s battery is always as convenient as plugging it in and walking away.